about zú

Zú is non-profit organization that gathers, helps and promotes creatives in the entertainment sector to develop world-class innovative projects. Zu supports them in their creative process and growth by facilitating access to the necessary resources for the development of new intellectual properties.

the challenge

The world has changed. Work, daily life and entertainment are all connected by the same digital thread. We have rebuilt our routines around distance and social bubbles.

Digital technology has taken over our daily lives, but it also lifts us from our physical ties. How can we fully claim it to nurture our imagination? Now more than ever, we need to put our creativity back in motion. We must build momentum to transform our digital space into a thrilling trove of possibilities. We should rely on the powerful potential of new technologies to create, work and entertain wherever we are, with the freedom to roam and be mobile. It’s time to move forward, to break the bubble, to Work. Play. From Anywhere.

Submit an innovative and flexible solution that injects creativity into work or entertainment experiences. Your project should align with one of these themes: 

(1) Improve the efficiency and inventiveness of creatives

(2) Engage audiences to create memorable moments wherever they are

(3) Develop protocols or platforms to distribute or commercialize content, with uncompromising quality regardless of location.

Privileged access to Zú's network and partners

$15,000 in services per incubated project

45 hours of collaborative workshops and presentations

Access to 10 experts for 1-1 on demand consultations

Tailor-made program adapted to your pace

Priority access to the 5G TELUS LAB

$2,500 in grant offered by National Bank

The 10 selected projects will have the opportunity to participate in Genesis, an 8-week online program offered by Zú. Test and adapt your solution to potential customers while benefiting from the advantages above.

Submit your project

(1) Validate your initial hypotheses


(2) Build a successful value proposition or preliminary prototype


(3) Work on product-market fit with the partners in the validation circle


(4) Define a development roadmap for your project


Types of collaboration desired

The Genesis program supports startups from the ideation to product development stage with the aim of matching them with potential customers.

Eligibility Criteria

You are eligible for the program if:

  • You are launching a new company OR you are developing a new solution within an existing company
  • Your startup is building innovative technology and wants to carve out a place for itself in the creativity and entertainment industry
  • You have an idea with high creative potential that meets the Work. Play. From Anywhere. challenge
  • You want to validate your idea, develop it into a concept and define your business plan. You must clarify its validity, its implementation, and its potential in the current context
  • You are counting on new technologies: Artificial intelligence, 5G, virtual reality, augmented reality, automation/robotics, edge computing, game engine, connected object (IoT), brain-machine interface, smart spaces, blockchain, intelligent clothing, haptics, etc.
  • You have at least one founder available to attend all the activities organized as part of the program
  • You are creating a proprietary solution, which could be protected: in other words, you are creating intellectual property

Selection Criteria

The solutions selected will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • Feasibility & technological realism: The project could come to fruition in the near future. You rely on functional and realistic technological tools: AI, XR, 5G, Blockchain, IoT, haptics, etc.
  • Capacity of team: You have the experience, qualifications, network and capacity to carry out the project. You are a new company OR a new solution in an existing company
  • Intellectual property: You own or are in the process of creating intellectual property.
  • Relevance: The proposed solution aligns with the challenge
  • Industry verticals: Audience engagement, Protocols, platforms and marketplaces, Tools



Deadline to apply

February 8 2021


Announcement of selected startups

Mid-February 2021

Program onboarding

March 4th 2021

Start of the program

March 15th 2021

Meet the experts who will support you during the program

March 15-19 2021

End of program

May 14 2021

Sounds like your solution?

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