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The crisis has ushered in a new reality for consumers, retailers, and brands. Expectations on how we interact with organizations are continually on the rise, forcing retailers and brands to rethink the way they bring value.

L’Oréal Canada, Canada’s leading cosmetics company, is looking to transform the future of beauty alongside the tech and startup community to stay ahead of the curve. Take part in L’Oréal’s mission of becoming a leader in the beauty-tech space and put digital at the service of its consumers.

We are looking for innovative solutions with a clear value proposition to provide new value to our consumers in the e-commerce space.

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E-commerce acceleration

Automate low touchpoints and quickly adopt emerging trends to engage consumers in a sophisticated way


Tech for good

Sustain the consumer ecosystem by creating shared value for a more sustainable, responsible and inclusive future                              



Challenge our status quo and exploit unseen possibilities by tapping into new or existing digital communities


“Open Innovation at L’Oréal is a dynamic mix of bringing external and internal ideas to transform the way consumers interact with beauty. This means establishing lasting connections with beauty & tech startups. Together we want to create a new generation of innovative beauty products, devices and digital services.”

— l'oréal canada open innovation team



Land a potential large customer and reinvent the beauty experience in collaboration with a leader in Canada that has more than 110 years of expertise.


Develop a PoC and grow your startup with a concrete use case. Receive a financial contribution to support the PoC and the business case.


Access L’Oréal Canada’s expertise and key decision makers in beauty consumer packaged goods.

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solutions to get you inspired

  • Headless solutions and/or microservices: Solutions designed to be headless from the ground up, connected to our e-commerce backend by APIs.
  • Proxy storefront experiences designed for specific needs: Loyalty, offers, and subscriptions in gorgeous storefronts without backend sacrifices.
  • Headless checkout API: Pair with existing tech stack so webstore proxy can perform better across alternate audiences and communities.
  • Multibrand storefront: Ability to shop specific looks or multiple products and checkout via owned D2C websites (orders will be processed via different websites).
  • Virtual retail: Create the store of the future, offering a convenient and interactive virtual shopping experience to the customer
  • Customer Support Automation:  Reduce support operating costs, increase connectivity and modularity by standardizing how to support customers during phone calls, email, or chat for order editing, payments, and refunds, flexible fulfillment, etc…
  • Pre-trained BRAIN: Rich Beauty domain understanding with end-to-end problem resolution focus (pre-defined customer conversations, standard use cases with inbuilt validations, integrations, offers).
  • Chatbot integration: Connecting major chatbot frameworks so we can employ a chatbot army in an intelligent way to engage our customers.
  • Try before you buy: Get as many people to try out samples on a free tier and then charge them for specific, value-adding features. Monetize free offerings successfully by converting to buying customers. Can be Conversational commerce or other.
  • Or any other relevant solutions to solve our e-commerce challenges!

  • Operations transparency: Let customers see into our operations and participate with our brand and offerings as sustainability in e-commerce solutions.
  • Philanthropic/Donation services: Give the customers options to donate to a charity of their choice in a seamless tool integrated with the existing checkout infrastructure
  • Volunteer hours: Give the public an opportunity to volunteer virtually, and track & report the impact made
  • Or any other relevant solutions to solve our e-commerce challenges!

  • Non-traditional channels storefronts: Enabling online storefronts and shopping experiences to be created across a variety of channels (Instagram, TikTok, Gaming, crowd-sourced community, …) attracting a new target market.
  • Subscriptions commerce:  Offer subscription products with recurring orders on a monthly, yearly, or custom schedule. Recurring orders, flexible checkout solutions, …
  • Influencer channels: Allow influencers to have enough creative freedom to create their own storefronts and sell our products without handling physical inventory.
  • Social/Gaming competitions and giveaways: Drive even more engagement through social contests (ex: Twitch). Alternatively, discount codes and affiliate marketing tracking & analytics.
  • Tap into gaming’s underlying business model: Expand reach beyond social and into gaming.  Activating digital communities by offering virtual experiences to get as many people to try out the offer on a free tier and then charge them for specific, value-adding features. Monetize free offerings successfully.
  • Gaming’s avatars customization & cosmetic-driven economy: Show off gamer personality through cosmetics (A skin/outfit worn by the virtual player/avatar), which users are willing to pay for through V-Bucks.
  • Augmented reality (AR) systems for trying on clothing or testing products.
  • Or any other relevant solutions to solve our e-commerce challenges!


To participate in the challenge, you must:

  • Be a startup
  • Have reached post-product market fit or very well funded to be able to scale quickly
  • Selected startups must participate in the Online Pitch Competition, to the POC Collaboration Accelerator and the Internal Demo Day (see below for details)

Selection criteria

Your product and technology

  • is applicable to L’Oréal Canada environment and answers one of the challenges
  • is currently available in the market and used by customers
    offers a competitive advantage for L’Oréal
  • offers a high level of value creation for L’Oréal customers and/or L’Oréal
  • is scalable across brands and L’Oréal Global

Your startup has reached a level of maturity 

  • in terms of sales, tractions, users, clients, PMF, team size, money raised...
  • has been in business for at least 2 years

Your startup has a strong founding team

  • background, credentials, mindset, skills, and vision

Your startup

  • is established in North America or you plan to develop Canada’s market
  • can build a strong business case to convince the L’Oréal Canada executive team
  • can align with L'Oréal Canada Open Innovation strategy

Your proof of concept (PoC)

  • assumptions and calculations are realistic (ROI and anticipated KPIs)
  • is a concrete and quantifiable use case
  • can be tested quickly and be implemented on a short term horizon

Type of collaboration desired

Depending on the nature of the project, several options are possible at the end of the program:

  • Service agreement
  • Strategic partnership
  • Co-development of a new solution or co-development of a complementary solution from an existing product
  • Open to discussing other types of potential collaborations

This challenge is part of the second edition of the L’Oréal Canada Open Innovation Program, a 5-step program designed to accelerate the potential commercial collaborations between L’Oréal Canada and Canadian tech startups. Selected startups will have the opportunity to pitch their potential solutions to L’Oréal Canada’s key decision-makers, to implement a proof-of-concept (POC), and to deliver an official Business Proposal at the end of the program.

How to participate


Interested startups apply to the challenge. A private informal workshop will be held before the end of the application period to provide additional information to startups that are applying and to answer questions related to the challenge or their POC project assumptions.

To participe, applicants must submit:

  1. Application form
  2. Application deck
  3. POC summary (1-pager)

Details about the content to submit via the application form.

A total of 10 startups will be selected to participate in the Online Pitch Competition


Selected startups will have a period of 2 to 4 weeks to work with the L’Oréal Canada and Bonjour Startup Teams to prepare their pitch presentation. During that time, opportunities to connect with internal project owners and decision-makers will be organized to help startups gain valuable insights that will help them build a strong pitch and business case.  


The Online Pitch Competition is a private event. It is the opportunity for selected startups to present their solutions to the challenge to L’Oréal Canada’s CEO and Key Decision-makers. At the end of this event, L’Oréal Canada will select 1 to 5 startups to enter the Collaboration Accelerator Program.


Selected startups will enter the proof-of-concept phase. The goal is to test the potential solutions and prove that the startups’ assumptions can be achieved within a specific timeline, metrics, and budget. Organized through a series of business meetings with the project teams of L’Oréal, this phase is designed to accelerate the process of POC testing and the preparation of the official Business Proposals.


The Internal Demo Day is a private event. It is the opportunity for selected startups to pitch their POC results and official Business Proposal to L’Oréal Canada’s CEO and Key Decision-makers. At this point, the intention on both sides is to close a win-win commercial deal. This is the end of the program when L’Oréal Canada decides if there will be a collaboration with the startups.

Programme de l’Oréal Canada 2020 — Pitch Day


(Subject to change)

Phase 1: Startups Selection

Private informal webinar

April 7th, 2021

Closing of applications

April 16th, 2021

Pre-selection for pitch competition

April 30th, 2021

Online pitch competition

Beginning of June 2021

Phase 2: Proof of concept collaboration acceleration

Selection of startups

Mid-June 2021

PoC Collaboration Accelerator

June-September 2021

Internal demo day (PoC results + official business proposals)

September 2021

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Challenge is closed

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