GIRO is transforming the landscape of public transport and postal services around the world. Our HASTUS and GeoRoute software products optimize these services in more than 25 countries. Our clients include STM (Montreal), MTA (New York), LA Metro (Los Angeles), RATP (Paris), Deutsche Post DHL and Royal Mail.

Employee experience is key to GIRO. Over the past few years, we have developed a strong collaborative and human culture that values ​​well-being at work. Whether in our open-plan offices in the Rosemont borough or those in Ahuntsic, employees are encouraged to bond together, take advantage of their coffee break to exchange with colleagues and spontaneously join an informal hallway conversation. These moments help create a strong sense of belonging and build lasting relationships between our team members. We are launching the open innovation challenge Reimagining Work Life through Virtual Workspace to redefine the social experience of our employees in a virtual context.

Over 600 of our employees in Canada and around the world work remotely. Despite the implementation of various remote productivity tools, it remains difficult to connect, build relationships and discuss non-work related topics. The lack of informal interactions could affect not only the strong sense of belonging between team members, but also the culture of mutual support, the formation of new friendships, the motivation and mental health of our employees. It is also more difficult to integrate new employees and bring our company culture to life in the current formal framework of virtual meetings.

In addition to increasing productivity, we also believe that new technologies have the potential to let us re-experience those informal discussions in the hallway or around the coffee machine. Creativity, knowledge sharing and the formation of new friendships are stimulated by those kinds of interactions. One thing is certain, work life will remain in transformation for a long time and remote work is here to stay. We seek to take advantage of new technologies to stimulate spontaneous virtual discussions, improve our virtual culture and thus continue to cultivate a strong sense of belonging between teams.

We would like to adopt an online technology solution complementary to those already in place (Teams, Whiteboard, Sharepoint) to allow employees to have informal discussions with their peers and to develop work relationships in a virtual and mixed context (partly virtual and in person).

We aim to stimulate engagement and connectivity among GIRO employees on a daily basis, particularly through playful strategies such as gamification and artificial intelligence. We want the solution to reflect one of the strongest parts of our culture: collaboration.

Business Opportunity

Explore a potential business collaboration with GIRO if your project is selected

Access to Key Decision Makers

Gain direct access to key decision makers at GIRO to align your collaboration proposal

Desired solutions

We are looking for a technological solution to stimulate engagement, connectivity and informal discussions among GIRO employees in a virtual context.


Solutions can be made up of a suite or individually target one or more of these elements:

  • Recreate a virtual office where you can locate people and promote informal and spontaneous exchanges that usually take place in the office
  • Encourage interactions with peers in a virtual and hybrid context (eg: 50% virtual / 50% in person)
  • Support a hybrid work culture where employees work hard and have fun doing it
  • Activate engagement strategies from a single user-friendly platform to achieve employee engagement goals across different business teams
  • Improve new employees’ integration in a virtual context by generating opportunities for informal interactions
  • Enable employees to stay in touch with their colleagues, regardless of the constraints, through inspiring events or programs
  • Design, deliver and measure programs that reflect our culture and values and improve social outcomes
  • Create programs based on behavioural design models
  • Set “gamification” goals and a variety of stimulating programs to create a workplace that attracts active users and values ​​individual efforts
  • Provide access to reports to measure employee engagement and interaction, while respecting privacy
  • Create personalized virtual experiences that allow employees to support causes they care about and connect them with other employees who share their interests

The solutions can be complementary to those already in place (Teams, Whiteboard, Sharepoint) and use the following technologies:

  • Marketing tech messaging
    For example: Automated in-app messages, bulk email, personalized announcements, automation
  • Employee engagement
    For example: Collaborative working, Wikis, file sharing, shared whiteboards and forums
  • Social management & community
    For example: Conversational relationship platform, messaging, chatbots, peer-to-Peer instant messaging (IM), cloud messaging, voice and video calling, multi-party conferencing
  • Employee motivation
    For example: gamification, remote feedback, live polls, Q&A and quizzes
  • Creating personalized experiences based on aptitude tests
    For example: Neuro-AI assessment, psychometric assessments
  • Data Infrastructure
    For example: Automating the collection and transformation of data
  • Machine learning> Unsupervised learning> Clustering
    For example: Employee segmentation
  • Tools that make it easier to add, remove or swap solutions as needed
    For example: API-first tools, connector of disparate tools

Types of collaboration desired

Depending on the nature of the project and the mutual collaboration objectives, several options are available to you:
  • Service agreement
  • Other types of collaboration

* Budget for proof of concept to be discussed

Eligibility Criteria

  • You are a startup
  • You have a team of at least 2 people
  • Your headquarters are in Canada
  • You have reached product-market fit or have a minimum viable product (MVP)

Selection Criteria

The selected solutions will be evaluated according to the following criteria:
  • Realistic solution in terms of implementation and operations
  • Ease of use for project teams (designers, engineers, project managers)
  • Quality of the collaborative proposal: outreach capacity, understanding of the problem, feasibility of the proposed solution, quality of the value proposition, realistic and reasonable budget and timeline
  • Degree of feasibility of the trial period
  • Interoperability of the solutions with the software used by the organization
  • Return on investment (budget vs. value created)
  • Ability to measure the objectives and key results set
  • Ability to provide a roadmap with strategies and tactics aligned with measures that support the growth of the project

How to participate

  1. Attend the informative webinar to answer your technical questions and facilitate aligning your Collaboration Proposal with GIRO’s challenge
  2. Prepare your Collaboration Proposal (in Word or PowerPoint)
  3. Submit your Collaboration Proposal in the application form
  4. The team will process all Collaboration Proposals received
  5. Decision: an email will be sent to all participants at the end of the application evaluation period to advise if their Collaboration Proposal has been selected or not
  6. Successful applications will move to Phase 2: Exploration of Collaboration 


Phase 1: Selection

Informative webinar

March 3rd 2021

End of applications

March 12th 2021

Evaluation of applications

March 15th-24th 2021

Announcement of selected startups

March 26th 2021

Phase 2: Exploration of Collaboration

Signature of legal agreements

March 26th-April 26th 2021

Beginning of the proof of concept (PoC) development

April 29th 2021

Submission of official business proposals

June 2021

Announcement of the business proposal selected

June 2021

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