All together, for the revival of the economy in Quebec !

Startup Montreal is privileged to associate with dedicated partners to bring together collaborations between the business world and startups. As part of this open innovation initiative, Startup Montréal collaborates with four types of partners.


Our financial partners provide a monetary contribution to facilitate the design and execution of the platform, the design and execution of the collaboration acceleration program, and finally as a budget allocation in order to support some of the pilot projects and proof of concept.


Our strategic or sectoral partners support open innovation projects as a facilitator of connections in order to mobilize potential Challenge Sponsors. They can also act as consultants to advise the Startup Montréal innovation team, as well as the Challenge Sponsors in defining their challenges and criteria for selecting potential solutions. In certain cases, strategic or sectoral partners can take over the leadership of the group, in order to facilitate the rapid mobilization of stakeholders.


Our Challenge Sponsors are those who experience the problems or new opportunities caused by COVID-19. They can be part of an association, a sector cluster, an organization, a ministry, a municipality, etc. They are grouped by sector in order to propose challenges that can be answered by startups. They are among those who strongly believe in the power of creativity and innovation as an economic engine to accelerate the efficient revival of their activities.


Our ecosystem partners are mobilizing to bring and support the deployment of collaboration opportunities during the collaborative exploration phase, once the link is made. They are partners actively involved for many years in the Montreal startup ecosystem and their contribution accelerates the development of the “Give-first” culture, a philosophy very important for the development of a successful startup ecosystem.