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Let’s be real, the future of your business depends on your ability to adapt and innovate. Forward-thinking organisations understand that collaborating with startups will help them stay nimble and achieve their innovation goals, but the process remains risky and time consuming.

Inno Startup helps organisations solve their business challenges by providing a de-risked and structured collaboration process with Canadian startups, from scouting to business proposal. Our goal is to generate win-win partnerships to accelerate growth.

6 Steps Towards Business Collaboration

Inno Startup is much more than an online platform. We take care of the accompaniment process between startups and large companies from scouting to commercial collaboration.


Project Kick-Off

Team meetings, objectives and timeline


Challenge Design

Definition of challenge and solutions - 1 to 2 meetings


Startup scouting

Challenge landing page & startup scouting


Startups Selection

Screening, selection committee, contacting, interviews & selection of 1 to 5 startups


Collaborative Exploration

Business proposal, pilot project or proof of concept


Business Proposal

Decision making on whether or not to proceed with further business collaboration

Becoming a challenge sponsor

Are you part of a large organization, a company, governmental department, a sectoral cluster, a not-for-profit or any other entity evolving with challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic?

This platform is a solution that can help you get through the challenges of your economic recovery. Contact us now in order to explore how the startup ecosystem could help you overcome your challenges or accelerate the pace of your economic recovery.

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